Conference “Enhancing Excellence with Clusters Collaboration & Innovation”|16th November 2017| Oeiras (Lisbon)

The MATERIALIX Final Conference “Enhancing Excellence with Clusters Collaboration & Innovation” will take place on 16 November, from 09h to 13h, in Oeiras (Lisbon) at TAGUSPARK. The event is organised by MATERIALIX Consortium and gathers a notable set of international speakers.

This International Conference aims to present to relevant stakeholders and experts about the findings of the MATERIALIX project, validate and collect their views (especially on the development of collaborative sustained models for transnational Cluster networks), but also to promote a discussion about Europe 2030 and the links between Cluster, Innovation & Research Policies.

This Final Conference is organised in cooperation with the EUROPEAN TOOLING PLATFORM (MANUFUTURE SUB-PLATFORM) and PORTUGALclusters, within the initiatives for the High Level Group Meeting of MANUFUTURE (organised by EWF), that will be held between 15-17 November in Portugal, which is an opportunity to:

  • Share excellence management and cluster experience and practices;
  • Exchange ideas about challenges and future research & cluster policies – Europe 2030;
  • Share one integrative vision towards innovation and support SME growth;

The registration for the conference is now open!